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People anyone that is even thinking of doing business with Tarek at Ukprosolutions will definently be loosing their money. He is the biggest scam artist i know.

His previous company was called co-operative host web solutions which he scammed customers out of money and closed the account. He is probably one of the meanest guys i know. Left his wife that was pregnant with his 3 Kids for another woman. Now he has left that woman to be with another woman.

He has no morals. He never paid his employees. If you do want to do business and he's sold an idea to you, just ask him to show you his offices in Uk, US, Kuwait. He'll have numbers but there are no developers.

He's the middle man in everything he sells from software to webdevelopment. he does have an office in Egypt, but they are a bunch of *** getting paid 200 Pounds a months for low quality work and something they will probably never deliver. I gurantee you if you asked him to show you his offices Other countries he has none, its a scaaaaaaam people.. I wouldn't do this to ruin anyone's business but he's robbed so many people and ruined lives by asking people to leave their Jobs to work for him only for him to not pay them.

He's very good at making you his friend and will make you believe he's like your family, i can assure you once he's got your money, instantly he will start ignoring you as he's already got his next victim on the phone.. please for your sake if you do get into business with him.. check his company or offices out first and check other companies that can do something similar and go with them.. DO Not fall into his trap.....

He's a liar and a *** Artist.. Check his employees too.. He will probably charge you 10k for a site he'll pay someone in india,spain,or where ever 2k to build. thats if his own developers can develop .

well now he's conning people that want software for business. He did it for bank of Kuwait, well apparently haha.. He scammed them too.. he hired 11 people from england that had no clue about software development and made them think they were developers..

genius lol.. they gave him 250k the idiots too didnt have a clue we knew nothing.. we just knew the basics..

anyway please if you do business with him, check his company out first.

he'll get you references that not a problem, dont listen to them.. do your own research and see everything for yourself before you give him any money, becasue that is all he cares about..


Takecare guys ive done my bit..

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Bras, Distrito Federal, Brazil #993463

It is really true. I hired UK Pro solutions from freelancer and I payed them U$$3500 but it never delivered my website.

I wish someone could give me the UK Prosolutions adress in Egypt because we have to call the police as well as to issue them. It is really a case of police!!!

Do you have its adress? If you have please post a comment.

About freelancer, I am pretty sure we can issue both freelancer (if they do not cooperate with us since they received a good amount of money because the transaction and also because we trusted its reviews!) and uk pro solutions of course.

Thank you in advance,

to Anonymous #1003519

Hi sorry hear about your experience. They have scammed plenty people before you and continue to do so.

I know them and owner very well. they are cheaters and liars who dont even pay their employees and give them impossible task to do.

the address for egypt office is Egypt Office:52 Ahmed Fakhry Street 11th and 12th Floor, Nasr City, Cairo

They also say they work in england office.

addresss for that is 120 Bark Street,6th and 7th floor.

Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 2AX, UK.

i have never seen it but you can try that too

Hope this helps. hope everyone reads this before they do bussnines with this company

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