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I know several people who worked for the company and who know the owner Tarek Abdel Kader and this is what i can tell you, he ruins people's lives, that's his business.

He claims to have 10,50,100 designers and developers around the world but they don't. The office in Bolton is the front, they hire the odd 1 or 2 people, mainly 16-17 year old apprentices who they hire for peanuts. The odd sales guy has been there but they come and go when they are not paid by the owner Tarek Abdel-Kader.

The developing is done in Egypt where they hire a small office in a area of Nasr city, Cairo.They have around 10-15 young people in the office who do design and devopment. But these people don't know much, just the very basics of developing websites. They get paid next to nothing. They would struggle to build the most basic website and there work is riddled with errors. The SEO is also the fake black hat stuff that would get you kicked off search engines.

The office in Kuwait is empty. A guy was hired to run it when he had zero experience in the field. But he left when he wasn't paid. The offices in America are also empty with a similar thing happening.

They often send people fake references or show them other websites they have not built. At one point this dude claimed his team built spotify. They always claim to deliver in 1 month for 500-800, but they will take more like 1 year and you will get something that often breaks and full of errors.

Tarek Abdel Kader is the owner. This guy scams people for fun. Not just consumers but employees too. His biggest scam was with the commercial bank of Kuwait where he scammed them and many others. He convinced them his business focus was process improvements and claimed to have 200 staff. He convinced the bank his company had done work with the co-operative bank and FCA in England. Tarek once worked with the co-op as a manager so it made his lie convincable. He convinced them he would save them millions. They paid him over 250k in instalments.

He hired around 15 people from the UK and 1 guy from kuwait. He pretended to be very rich and succesful. He promised the world to all of them and all of whome he convinced to leave there current jobs. All were aged between 20 and 30, a couple in their 40's.None of them had the experience. Most of them had worked as holiday reps for Thomas Cook or been in other low paying jobs. A couple were Ben unemployed. I believe he told them they would do minimal work and sold it as market research for 3 months, promising them similar jobs in different countries in the future,promising them riches beyond there wildest dreams in the future. He paid them 1k a month each but ensured them of a hefty bonus on completion of the project. One guy was apparently told he would receive 20k bonus for just 3 months work.

Apparently he flew them to Kuwait and left them in Kuwait alone, as he stayed in Egypt and partied with the money he made from the bank. He left these guys alone not really knowing what they were doing or understanding the project or even introducing them to the owner of the bank. Tarek knew he couldn't deliver the project and he had no intention too. He just wanted to take as much money as he could and he didn't care about what would happen to these People. Everything he did was a front until he got the banks money then he didn't care.

He got very lucky as the guy he left in charge, apparently managed to understand the work within the bank, deliver a conference, convince the bank staff he knew what he was doing, teach the others and almost managed to get the team to deliver a successful project! Despite the fact none of these people knew a thing about banking, process improvement or business! They apparently put recommendations forward to improve processes within almost every department within just 3 months. Which was the tight timescale Tarek had given them. According to one of these guys at the start of the project Tarek said he was going to do most of the work but then left and was only seen again within the last two days of the project.Where he was very surprised they had lasted but also very arrogant and dismissive about their achievement.

Despite this team of inexperienced people working on this project without zero help or training, the owner of the bank was happy with most of the work done. Tarek got all his money but then...refused to give these guys the bonuses he had promised them and only gave them half of their last month salary. He also refused to give them payslips or pay any of their tax. They all went back to England with no jobs and no chance of a reference and to find the contracts they had signed were fake and not legitimate. So he had a gold mine potential of a team and the lazy scam artist just ripped them off too.

To add this, Tarek Abdel Kader left his pregnant wife and two kids for another women. He then married her got her pregnant and left her for another women. All the while he hires young girls 18-23 to be his assistants. He and beds them, when they find out he's not rich they leave and then he moves onto the next youg girl. Everyone I've spoken too says the guy does have money but he rents and hires everything.That its all a front. One guy who worked with also had the conspiracy thay he is into some illegal stuff and that his whole business is a front for something like drugs or arms trade.

Plain and simple do not do business with him and do not work for or with him!!! You will regret it and will loose a lot of money. He will not deliver any project or website, he will not give you your money back, he will not pay you!!! He ruins people's lives as a job.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


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Soooooo true


I am pursuing Tarek Abdel-Kader and his company for fraud, misrepresentation and theft. If anyone is interested in joining me in the crusade to get justice, please post here.

to Anonymous London, England, United Kingdom #1100198

I'm in !


I had the same problem I hired UK Pro solutions from freelancer and I payed them U$$3500 but it never delivered my website.I wish someone could give me the UK Prosolutions adress in Egypt because we have to call the police as well as to issue them.

It is really a case of police!!!

Do you have its adress?

About freelancer, I am pretty sure we can issue both freelancer (if they do not cooperate with us since they received a good amount of money because the transaction and also because we trusted its reviews!) and uk pro solutions of course.

Thank you in advance,

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #968052

Hi i have the same problem with UKProsolution : i hire them from ; they cheated me , i payed them $1500 and they do not delivery me the project , i have nothing in my hand . I spoke with and they suspend the UKprosolution account .

Now i am trying to have some replay from but they do not replay me anymore ; they undertsnad that they have a cheated company " Ukprosolution" in their market place and they do not know how to resolve it.

Please follow my suggest , don't do business with UKprosolutions and as well with , they do not make any controll on their supplier.

Please take in consideration that i accepted all the excused from Ukprosolution for 7 months but that was only to have moneys from me and in have done the mistake to give them.

West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #924028

Sooooooooooooooooooo True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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